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User comments about Belushis Bar

I can\'t wait to visit. It looks like a fun place to gather.
Best Bar cam on the Web Really enjoy viewing it
Jaime, 01 01 1970
We Love your Pub here in Michigan. Can\'t wait to go there myself soon..
Monica Group, 01 01 1970
Love the Cam . Can\'t wait to join you all in a drink.. :)
Monica, 01 01 1970
Great Bar web cam with sound, keep up the good work
sexy, 01 01 1970
Great Site! How long under construction?
Cari, 01 01 1970
ronny, 01 01 1970
scotland has some of the best web cams balushis is the best, it is looking good following its upgrade.
linda harvey, 01 01 1970
Great bar,love the cam..too many big lassies..aye youd be right gettin rid of those big hens aw ma luv troops
Angus Macnamara, 01 01 1970
could the barmaid wave and say hello tony &bod
tony, 01 01 1970
you can watch satanta football for free ( well half a telly , can it be turned ? hey worth a try !! ), cmon the tic.
Paul, 01 01 1970
Can anybody out there tell me what happened to the small kinky haired girl who worked there..I think she was seeing the tall guy with the glasses that also works there..He must be a manager because he just stands there and drinks..Anyways I never see her there working or with him anymore..She was always fun to watch because she would run around like there was no tomorrow..Thanks
T Boak, 01 01 1970
Looks like such fun! Cute workers.
Florida, 01 01 1970
great webcam...can you rotate it around the bar so we can see everything \")
suzanne, 01 01 1970
-hello, my name is david, and i have just recently found this webcam you have here, and i think it\'s really neat. ya don\'t find many cams out there, that are so \"live.\" wish i could see edinburgh, but... i\'m captive, in the U.S. i\'m in montgomery, alabama.
david culver, 01 01 1970
This is great! We\'ll be staying right around the corner from here next March. I gotta pop in for a pint and wave to the video cam! : )
Elizabeth Rhiannon, 01 01 1970
Hi Guys, I\'ve enjoyed this site for awhile from here in Tampa, Fl. Here lately I\'ve not been able to get the sounds of the Bar and the great music. Are the microphones muted, if so, why?
Marion, 01 01 1970

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